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Corporate, LLC, Partnership Law & Disputes

While corporate, limited liability company (LLC) and partnership structures each offer unique benefits and opportunities, each presents limitations and potential problems as well. With proper formation and management, each type of entity has the potential to help mitigate owners’ personal liability and provide attractive equity opportunities to outside investors.

Our firm represents clients at all stages of the business cycle. From entity selection and formation to litigation between owners, members, partners or shareholders, we help our clients make strategic decisions that help preserve and protect their assets, and position their businesses for success. Whether you need legal representation as a startup founder, help protecting your interests in a dispute with a co-owner, or legal advice for any other business-related legal issue, our attorneys can guide you every step of the way.

Corporate, LLC and Partnership Law

We provide representation for corporations, LLCs and partnerships, from startups to established businesses. Our attorneys help clients make informed decisions with respect to establishing and managing business entities. Such services may include:

  • Entity Selection and Formation
  • Preparation of Operating Agreements
  • Preparation of Shareholder, Member and Partnership Agreements
  • Preparation of Meeting Minutes and Resolutions
  • Negotiation And Amendment of Existing Documents to Exit Existing Owners or Admit New Owners
  • Corporate Governance

Corporate, LLC and Partnership Disputes

Disagreements among owners, shareholders, members and partners can threaten the viability of a business. Individual owners can also face substantial losses if they are forced out of their company, and disputes related to ownership and control can wreak havoc on a company’s long-term trajectory – not to mention its day-to-day operations. With decades of experience in informal dispute resolution, formal litigation and arbitration, our business attorneys provide strategic and practical advice for business entities and owners in corporate, LLC and partnership disputes. When it comes to disputes among co-owners, our attorneys have the experience to help you choose the best path forward.

We routinely represent clients in California and other jurisdictions in corporate, LLC and partnership disputes involving:

  • Breach of Shareholder, Operating and Partnership Agreements
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duties
  • Capital Contributions, Dividends and Distributions
  • Conflict-of-Interest Transactions
  • Exceeding Owners’ Authority to Act on Behalf of the Company
  • Interpretation of Governing Documents and Owners’ Rights
  • Misappropriation of Company Assets
  • Termination of Owners and Admittance of New Owners
  • Key Employee Disputes
  • Trade Secrets

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